Absolution of any wrongdoing

Absolution of any wrongdoing

An ex press attaché for the liberal caucus was exonerated of charges of theft and misconduct last week from a case that goes back to February of 2013.

Ms Julie Boivin, 39 was attending a grouping of deputies and political personnel at the time and found an opportunity to pilfer a bit of money from donations being made to the party.

She managed to pocket about $600.00 during the event taking small amounts from different deputies and politicians that were in attendance.

When it was discovered the money was missing Ms Boivin was charged with petty theft. After denying the accusations she finally gave in after two days and admitted her role in the missing funds.

Among her victims were Marguerite Blais (deputy), Robert Poëti (now minister of Transport), and Maryse Geaudreault (deputy). Most of the other victims were office personnel.

Ms. Boivin has reimbursed the people from whom she stole the money and obviously regretted her actions.

The judge found Ms Boivin to be truly sympathetic and sorry for what she had done, consequently dismissing her from any charges.

The judge sympathized with the accused and said that she should never again see the inside of a court room since the incident was a one-time misjudgement on her part.

Whether or not Ms Boivin is still an employee of the liberal party is not known.

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