Accused of murder, “Le Joker Justicier” pleads insanity

Accused of murder, “Le Joker Justicier” pleads insanity

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 February 2015 – The Quebec courthouse is hearing a case this week about an individual who is accused of committing a murder back in February of 2012 in the St. Sauver district of the city.

The man, Richard Vallée, referred to himself at the time as Le Joker Justicier, (Joker, The Lawman) and decided to literally take the law into his own hands to save two girls whom he imagined as being mistreated by a neighbour.

He had an illegal gun, a sawed off .308 calibre rifle, upon which he had drawn a skull and written Joker to identify himself and decided he was going to kill the neighbour to help the two girls who were being, in his estimation, held captive.

On the night of February 7, 2012 M. Vallée dressed accordingly with heavy clothes, gloves and even wrapped his arm up in a reinforced fashion with duck tape to protect himself from his victim’s dog, that he feared would probably try to bite him.

He entered his victim’s apartment by kicking down the door, and proceeded to shoot him in the chest. He then turned his gun on the dog and killed it. Before leaving, he returned to his victim, Alain Delisle, and shot him a second time. M. Delisle died minutes after, from his wounds. The Joker then crossed the street to confront another person who he thought could be an accomplice to the victim, where police arrested him on the spot.

M. Vallée, 55 is what is commonly referred to as a “pothead” and has been using cannabis since his youth.

He has lived in Montreal, western Canada, and California.

His defence wants to plead not guilty for reason of insanity at the time of the murder.

The same psychiatrist, that testified at the Luka Magnotta trial, Dre. Marie-Frédérique Allard, will be testifying for the defence of M. Vallée this week.

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