Adopt a beluga whale

Adopt a beluga whale

Main pic: Beluga whales. Photo credit: Tony Fox

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 November 2014 – For years now the beluga whales that navigate the Gulf of St. Lawrence have been on a watch list by various animal rights and research groups and the time has come for one of those groups to ask the public for financial support to continue their work on saving the species.

The Groupe de recherche et d’éducation sur les mammifère marins (GREMM), has launched a new campaign to collect money so they can continue to survey and do research on the little creatures that are so loved throughout the world.

The idea is to theoretically ‘adopt’ a baby beluga for one year at a cost of $5,000.00.

The group will choose a beluga and follow its trajectory throughout a year and give the ‘owner’ updates on his or her whereabouts whenever possible. GREMM has ways of identifying the animals so they can follow their activities.

Three cities, Montreal, Quebec, and Levis are all onboard and have each donated 1¢ per citizen, a substantial amount of money, to adopt 10 of the little mammals. Canada Steamship Lines is also on the list of important contributors, as well as some other corporations. Some individuals are involved as well as groups of citizens who want to help the cause.

In the last campaign in the 80’s and 90’s one third of the supporters were ordinary citizens or schools who formed groups to contribute to the project.

The mayors of the cities have also announced, (a last minute decision by Mayor Labeaume), that the naming of the adopted whales would be a province wide contest from all the elementary schools, with Mayor Denis Coderre of Montreal tweeting that the name ‘Denis’ would be up for grabs, since his beluga will have a different name.

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