After Snow Season… Construction Season

After Snow Season… Construction Season

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 March 2015 – Despite the frigid cold still hanging in the air, the Ministère des Transports (Québec Transport Ministry, or MTQ) has begun sharing details of the upcoming highway construction and maintenance projects the city can look forward to in the coming months.

In particular, this construction season (which usually lasts from spring to fall) will feature heavy work on expanding the Henri-IV highway between the Charest and Felix-Leclerc highways, particularly in the southbound direction.  Traffic will be split onto the northbound structures while the southbound overpasses are demolished and rebuilt to accommodate for the wider new highway.  Some of these overpasses are over 50 years old and nearing the end of their design life.

This comes as the MTQ announces a major investment of 4.9B$ over the next two years to maintain road infrastructure throughout the province.  While the amount may seem staggering, this is 800M$ less than was originally planned for the 2013-2015 budget under the previous government.  The Transport Minister Robert Poëti is defending himself from having committed too little money in order to reach the government’s austerity goals, saying all the funding for crucial projects was still there.

In Québec city, this season’s construction work will involve much more work than last year.  Expect headaches and delays.

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