Aged to Perfection, 25 Years in the Making

Aged to Perfection, 25 Years in the Making

We were invited along to Café du Monde’s 25th birthday party.

Rosa Edmonds went along to see what all the fuss was about.

Article and photo by Rosa Edmonds

The 25th anniversary, and 4th ever “Cocktail du Monde” was held the evening of February 15th, 2012 and was a fantastic affair for all those involved.

Met at the entry into the Quebec City waterfront restaurant by a host of servers with warm greetings and a choice of beverages from their delicious house wines and beer, the event gave off a warm and comfortable atmosphere.  Conversation was as varied as the guests in attendance, ranging in those clearly fresh from work, and those more carefully prepared for the festivities, but the sentiment was the same, a love of the establishment, awe at the changes and anticipation of the latest menu items.

Never having the opportunity to have been there previously, I was at a loss as to the extent of the changes within the restaurant. I was however, fortunate enough to encounter a woman whose attendance was not a matter of invitation, but having shown up to her favorite restaurant unaware, as she does at every opportunity made available to her, she was happily and warmly accepted into the festivities of the evening.

She took me around and showed me her favorite places, those that gave the best views and vantage points to the scenic river and Ile D’Orleans. The latest additions, extending the inside terrace, and the nautically inspired heated flooring, make the terrace the place to be for those wanting to take in the sights while enjoying their meal.

Her love of the restaurant was evident, and spanned nearly its entire 25-year existence, as she explained to me the detours in which she’d make from work trips and family events any time she came to the Quebec city area, in order to come to her favorite restaurant.  Clearly, a true lover of the venue and all it had to offer.

Though the owners were noticeably absent, away on what can be assumed to be a much deserved holiday, we were able to hear some pride filled speeches by directrice, Mme Carole Denis, and several of the managers as to the effort and skill of their staff and the teamwork involved in putting together the evening.

Hors d’oeuvres portioned samples of appetizers, then made their way through the crowds shortly thereafter, though few actually managed to make their way entirely through.  Having only moderate success, I only managed to taste two of them, though I can say with certainty it was not by lack of effort. The hors d’oeuvres were resounding successes, to the point where even now, thoughts of the salmon topped delight I managed to aquire, makes me salivate. 

With such a warm, modern and inviting atmosphere, and a menu leaving one nearly frothing at the mouth, I must bid Le Café du Monde a happy 25th Birthday, and give my word that I will be there again soon to enjoy the full extent of its wonderful service, excellent staff, and tantalizing menu. And I may too, find myself extolling my new-found love for Café du Monde on others that my encounter of the evening registered within me.

For further information about Café du Monde, visit their website or better still go to experience the place for your self:

84, Dalhousie, Québec (Québec)

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