Akai and Mamoo Children’s Book Launch with Randall Spear

Akai and Mamoo Children’s Book Launch with Randall Spear

Randall Spear reads from Akai and Mamoo's Ocean Adventure

I am not comfortable around children.  They tend to believe anything I tell them just because I’m twice their size, and that kind of power just reeks of cackling super-villainy potential.  So I’m doubly impressed when I see someone who is not only able to deftly navigate between the wide-eyed naiveté and bubbling brew of growing intelligence in small children, but who also resist the temptation to have them fetch a beer or two in exchange for stories of Santa Claus and Doggy Heaven.  Randall Spear is one such individual, who uses his powers of adult omniscience for good, and not for evil laziness.  He demonstrated that thoroughly during the book and CD launch for Akai and Mamoo’s Ocean Adventure.

Held in the cozy back room of AngloStore at Place Naviles the afternoon of December 22nd, the book launch was a chance for about a dozen children and their overlords parents to meet the eponymous Akai and Mamoo, a pair of sweetly anthropomorphic orcas who go off for an adventure.  The story cleverly frames the reality of how ocean pollutants, petrochemical spills, and artificial sonar interference from shipping craft have a dramatic impact on marine biology.  As the book is written and published by environmental tours group Natoura’s Journey, themes of environmentalism are prevalent in the story.  And if I’m using big words, it’s because I don’t want to spoil the story for any small children who might be reading this – but kids, mom and dad will explain it to you once you’ve waxed my boots cleaned your room.

Accompanying the book is an album titled Everybody’s World, to which Randall Spear contributed, which musically explores the themes from the book.  He’d brought his guitar along for the book launch and played “Only Love Can Bring You There”, from Everybody’s World, demonstrating that not only is he an apt orator and benevolent adult, his music also has the magical properties which can transform an energetic room of children and their masters parents into a mesmerised audience hooked on his every chord.  It’s not surprising to know that Randall Spear is an accomplished musician for adults and worth looking up as well.Randall Spear Singing from Everybody's World


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