Already two motorcycle deaths in Quebec this long weekend

Already two motorcycle deaths in Quebec this long weekend

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 September 2015 – This Labour day weekend is only half over and already there have been two reported fatalities of motorcyclists in and around the provincial capital city region.

The first accident occurred on Friday evening close to St. Flavien, just east of Quebec City, when Janick Trépanier, 31, was struck by a piece of lumber that came loose from a truck she was following. The plank bounced off the road and ricocheted directly into Mme Trépanier. She was taken to hospital unconscious but was unable to survive her injury.

She was from Laurier Station, a town just west of Quebec City. The truck which was carrying the lumber was soon found and an investigation is underway.

A second fatality occurred when a car entered blvd. Ste. Anne in Saint Anne de Beaupré, from a driveway, directly into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene.

The passenger, who was riding on the same motorcycle was taken to hospital and is recuperating from her injuries.

The impact was so strong the passengers in the car had to be freed from their vehicle using power claws.

Police are once again warning drivers to be careful on this long weekend, especially one which is graced with warm sunny, summer-like weather.

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