Amateur Hockey Fraudster Wanted by Police

Amateur Hockey Fraudster Wanted by Police

Quebec City (Quebec) September 20, 2014 – Police have released the name and picture of a man wanted for multiple counts of fraud against would-be amateur hockey players. Jean-François Angers, 37 years old, is wanted for having allegedly defrauded hockey fans out of their money by posing as a representative of small, amateur hockey leagues and signing up players, requesting heavy league fees for their participation.  When eager players showed up to arenas for their first league games, however, they discovered there was no record of them on any roster or of any payments. Attempts at contacting M. Angers then proved unfruitful as the man made off with the money.

M. Angers also allegedly organized various hockey tournaments, with the same result – tournaments were either abruptly cancelled without possibility of refunds or players were simply left dumbfounded when they never heard from M. Angers again. Attempts to contact him for these tournaments also proved unfruitful.

Police believe M. Angers may still likely be in the Quebec City region.  Anyone with information on him or his whereabouts – even if outside the Quebec City area – should immediately contact 911.

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