Amphitheatre: 610 days left, but does anybody really care?

Amphitheatre: 610 days left, but does anybody really care?

There’s been so much talk about the new Amphitheatre in Quebec City in the last two years that people are becoming more and more blasé about their interest towards the project. The hockey fans are debating whether or not there is going to be a team because no progress has been made on that front, and the ordinary citizen simply knows there’s construction going on in the area as the structure can be seen from pretty much anywhere within a couple of kilometers away, but other than that, it has become more or less just another construction site.

The promoters and City fathers on the other hand would like to remind everyone that there are only 610 days left until the arena will be completed and so far everything is on schedule and within budget. They have bragging rights for the moment. The basic structure is up awaiting a roof, exterior skin, and its contents. The shell is impressive to see with its oval beams and girders exposed to the elements and one can imagine where they would be sitting if and when they go to a hockey game, if and when there is a team to support.

Interesting enough, someone in the maintenance business told me that, although the site is on budget, in order to stay that way means a lot of the fixtures and accessories will be of cheap material as the Government has to accept the lowest bidder when it comes to purchases. For a maintenance company this is good news, as poor quality apparatus usually needs more maintenance, whether it’s the air conditioning system, the toilets or even, the lighting fixtures.

As things progress all is well, but are people really that interested anymore?

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