Amphithéatre Vidéotron: 223 Fewer Seats than Expected

Amphithéatre Vidéotron: 223 Fewer Seats than Expected

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 June 2015 – The Amphithéatre Vidéotron has 223 seats fewer than shown in the initial plans the City of Québec made public in October 2012.

To date, the agreed figure was always 18,482 fixed seats when the amphitheater is hockey configuration, whether for Junior League or the National Hockey League (NHL). However, the website of the amphitheater rather evokes the figure of 18 000 seats.

After verification, the City of Québec has informed us yesterday afternoon that the amphitheater will be delivered on 15 July with 18,259 seats.

Various operational considerations explain the situation. First, Québecor claimed that the first eight rows closest ice are equipped with wider seats (24 inches instead of 19 inches). In the original plans of architects, only six rows had to be broader, stated City spokesperson David O’Brien.

Moreover, spaces for television cameras and seating for persons with reduced mobility have forced the City to reconsider its plans somewhat. “The changes affect 1% of the total seats,” M. O’Brien downplayed.

Last night, the City has also made the change in the number, on its website, making from 18 482 to 18 259. For the event configuration of the amphitheater, the number of seats remained the same at 20 396. Over years, the municipal authorities have reiterated that the key is that the number of seats is not less than 18,000.

On the side of Québecor, Martin Tremblay, Vice-President of Public Affairs, said that “18 000 (indicated on the website of the amphitheater) serves to give an approximation, so a general impression”.

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