An evening of song and poetry from the last 2017 series of Vitrine sur la Relève

An evening of song and poetry from the last 2017 series of Vitrine sur la Relève

Job Patstone was at the Palais Montcalm for Life in Québec.

On Saturday, June 3rd, we were invited to the last event of a series of shows presented by young new francophone artists who may soon be seen elsewhere as their careers develop. The series, entitled Vitrine sur la relève (Window on new Talent) seeks to introduce some new voices and artists to the French music scene in order to replace the more popular singers who are slowly aging.

First up was Keith Kouna, who at the same time hosted the show and acted as MC for the evening. Keith has a deep guttural sound which suits his style of song-writing, which is basically about the wrong doings in our society and what little we can do about it. Kouna has several albums to his credit and with his barroom style presented several of his songs to open and close the evening.

Next up was Lou-Adrianne Cassidy who had already appeared on Quebec’s version of ‘The Voice’ called ‘La Voix’. As with all the artists on the show Lou-Adrianne sings and writes her own material which she sang to us accompanied on her guitar and later, using the piano. A ballad singer, Lou-Adrianne not only presented her own songs but acted as a backup singer for several of the other artists.

The third singer-composer to entertain us was Philippe Bourque who was on stage most of the time already playing piano for all of the other hopefuls. Philippe writes songs of his experiences in life and has a folksinger quality about him. Philippe was the oldest of the group at 34 and has a smooth and commanding talent on the piano which he started playing when he was only six years old. He has 7 albums on the market.

Fourth in line was another singer-composer who goes by the name of Marianne, (perhaps named after Leonard Cohen’s tribute) who sings mostly in English but managed to round up three songs in the language of Molière for this particular show dedicated to a uniquely francophone audience. Marianne has a unique guitar style and a very haunting voice which is portrayed through her poetic styled music. She sang one song in English which seemed to be appreciated by the spectators.

Last but not least we were treated to the most vibrant and colorful artist of the night Rose Mary McComeau. Rose Mary totally succeeds in banging out her acoustic guitar sound backing up her colorful lyrics about life’s encounters and bad boyfriends. Rose Mary has a strong powerful voice with a wide range and even sometimes guttural tone which helps to emphasize her folk style music. She is very much at ease on stage, spending some of her time explaining why she wrote a particular song. Ms. McComeau’s last song was called ‘J’ai choisi d’ètre Heureux’ (I’ve chosen to be Happy) which seemed personally appropriate.

In all, the evening went by quite quickly and we were impressed by these young upstarts who we may soon see on the professional scene in the near future.



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