Ancienne-Lorette Turning to Citizens for Future

Ancienne-Lorette Turning to Citizens for Future

Ancienne-Lorette (Quebec) September 12, 2014 – The citizens of L’Ancienne-Lorette are going to a plebiscite to decide what to do with their city and its finances. Mayor Emile Loranger wants to consult the population on whether or not the city should re-amalgamate with Quebec City, be a separate town, or keep the status-quo. Presently the city is a separate entity, but pays service fees to Quebec City for equipment and police and fire protection. That service costs the town about $14 million a year which, added to the actual administration of the town, far surpasses the taxes collected.

For most citizens to become a separate town is out of the question because those services would cost even more and the quality of said commodities could be in question. The mayor says it would save the town a lot of money, because Quebec City is charging too much. He warns the population however that the municipal taxes would have to go up by 33%. So that leaves the main decision facing the Lorettains whether or not to re-merge with Quebec City or keep the status-quo.

The mayor is presently arguing about the cost of those services with the city fathers in Quebec City and is often in court fighting with “Big Brother” over such matters. M. Loranger would also like to see some new developments in his town but always has to fight to make it work.

The citizens are being consulted this week and the results should be known soon.

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