And the People of Quebec City Said ‘Let There be Light’

And the People of Quebec City Said ‘Let There be Light’

After Paris, Quebec has the ambition to become the next light city…or the most illuminated place in the world during the Christmas festivities.

The ultimate dream is that the whole city becomes magical during this time of year. With the municipal authorities and the Tourism Office, QuebecAdabra! decided to bet on this concept to make Quebec City THE Christmas capital.

Back for a third year, the QuebecAdabra! event will take place December 20 to January 2.

After many tests during the past presentations, this great idea finally came through. With the unique decor and snow, the organizers realized that lights bring magic when walking in the streets. QuebecAdabra! was inspired from hundreds of light events around the world such as the one in Lyon, visited by more than 4.5 Million people in only 4 days. But according to the promoter, Quebec would be the first to shine during this precise celebration period in late December.

QuebecAdabra promises twice the amount of activities compared to last year. These will again be concentrated downtown, more precisely, in Saint-Roch, Petit Champlain, Vieux-Port, and on Grande-Allée.

Many details remain secret and are to be revealed at the conference on December 11.

The organizers speak of a route where visitors can enjoy an interactive experience thanks to an animated projection like last year, as well as many other illuminated architectural art, and this, with more Christmas decorations and lights installed. The great 70 ft tree will be back December 7 at Université-du-Québec, but a new show will be presented.

This year, it is the first step towards festivities that will become an important event. Certain installations will remain fixed until the end of the carnival.

Quebec City is giving less money to QuebecAdabra! this year, when compared to the previous two (about $200,000).

They have to be more creative and get more sponsors.

What about the environment?

Can lighting Quebec City for more than two weeks damage the environment?

QuebecAdabra! and Quebec City ensure that the answer is ‘no’, since the technologies now allow to light with a very small environmental footprint.

All the systems are LEED and they have a policy for which designers must respond to for their installations to be eco-energetic.
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