André Arthur back on the airwaves

André Arthur back on the airwaves

King Arthur back on the air.

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 August 2015 – One of Quebec City’s most listened to and well known radio broadcasters is going to be back on the air starting August 17. André Arthur, who got in trouble with the law over certain statements he had made on some of his broadcasts in the past, for which he had to pay heavy fines, will be back behind the “mike” for the radio station CHOI-FM.

Always letting his opinions be known, whether they were appropriate or not, Arthur was one of the most listened to radio personalities in the city, up until his last lawsuit which forced him off the air, several years ago. His comments sometimes got him in trouble but, most of what he said on air was true, although not everyone was always in agreement. André was also very active in his community, helping the young get involved in sports.

This time however he is not taking any chances with lawsuits and is demanding that the radio station stand behind him, even if it takes on the “dirtiest” lawyers in town. CHOI-FM, better known now as CHOI Radio X, is ready to meet all the criteria to get André back on the air and hopes its ratings will skyrocket once the population recognizes that familiar voice.

André is outspoken and has never held back his opinions in the past on municipal affairs, provincial affairs or even federal business.

Mr. Arthur, who is now 71 also ran for Federal politics and was an independent member of parliament from 2006 to 2011.

He had so many supporters in the past that he became known as Le Roi Arthur (King Arthur) and is as comfortable in English as he is in French.

Welcome back André, you were missed, and take note Mayor Labeaume, you might be in the firing line this time around.

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