Andy Warhol in Baie-St-Paul

Andy Warhol in Baie-St-Paul

Baie-St-Paul is one of Canada’s most well known gathering places for artists from around the world, including the famous ”Group of Seven”, and has a history of art from its very beginnings. Every year in August it hosts the ”International Symposium of New Painting in Canada”. It is also the birthplace of the famous ”Cirque de Soleil”.

This year it will be hosting an art exhibition never before seen in a public museum, making it a first chance to see the works of Andy Warhol for art lovers everywhere.

Besides the famous ”Can of Tomato Soup”, and the dramatic ”Marilyn Monroe graphics”, 40 other pieces will be exposed from June 28 to October 3, at the Baie-St-Paul Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBSP). Most of the works were contracted to Warhol by different companies to promote their products and his last piece ever created will be there. It is a unique exhibit in a unique setting.

We highly recommend a visit to Baie-St-Paul to take in this special art exhibit and you can enjoy all the other art galleries and restaurants throughout the quaint little town at the same time. Baie-St-Paul is located about an hour and a half east of Quebec City.

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