Annual Toy Bazaar to Promote the Reuse of Toys

Annual Toy Bazaar to Promote the Reuse of Toys

With the arrival of autumn, l’Association pour la protection de l’environnement du lac Saint‐Charles et des Marais du Nord (APEL) prepares their toy Bazaar at the Paul‐Émile‐Beaulieu Community Centre. The event is a source of funding for the Organization and is intended to be a community event to promote the reuse of toys.

The Bazaar has two stages. November 8, the first day is used to register items for sale between 18:00 and 21:00. A huge job will await all volunteers that are required to price all of the available toys.

On the following day, Saturday, November 9 from 9:00 to noon, the sale will take place. During the 15th edition of the event in 2012, 3494 items were registered and sales reached $15,208.

Toys that are registered must be clean and in good condition. The owner of the item is allowed to fix their price and 75% of the sale will be handed over to the owner. All teddy-bears, the casse‐tetes (unless previously assembled), sports equipment as well as baby articles (ex: dressing tables, high chairs, etc.) will not be accepted.

For more information contact the organizers at:
Daytime: 418 948‐8097 (Pauline Bédard)
Evening:  418 948‐5375 (Philippe Beaupré)

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