Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Downed RCMP Website

Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Downed RCMP Website

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 July 2015 – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s website was taken offline for a few hours this afternoon.  In a press release, an Anonymous group claimed responsibility for the cyber attack.  They further claimed the action was in retaliation for the death of a British Columbia man during a protest, held yesterday in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  The man had been wearing Anonymous’ signature Guy Fawkes mask when he was fatally shot, apparently by RCMP officers.

In the same press release, Anonymous likened the death to deaths by protesters wearing similar masks in Turkey, Egypt, and Palestine.  The Anonymous group claims to know the identity of the man killed, and has made threatening remarks towards the Dawson Creek RCMP district commander on a Twitter profile apparently created for cyber attack called Operation Anon Down.

Anonymous is a loose collection of independent and (as their name suggests) anonymous hackers that grew out of the popular internet message board 4chan.  Their activities have been called both hacker activism to cyberterrorism – Anonymous has been known to expose online child pornography rings, facilitate communications between protesters during the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement, as well as attacks on various government and corporate websites and accessing critical data systems.

As of writing, the RCMP website was once again operational.  An RCMP spokesperson has denied its websites were attacked and claim the website was taken offline for maintenance.  The identity of the man killed in yesterday’s protest should be made known tomorrow.

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