Another case of a disturbed killer

Another case of a disturbed killer

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 November 2014 – The recent murder of a taxi driver in the Beauce, just south of Quebec City, appears to be another case of a person with certain mental challenges who was allowed to walk free after being treated by a psychiatrist.

Jean-Francois Roy, the alleged killer in the case, was being followed by a psychiatrist on a regular basis but, because he had made no threats to anyone or didn’t show any signs of hostility towards someone was released from psychiatric care as a non-risk individual.

As the story goes, a few days after his release he went out and killed a taxi driver in cold blood for no apparent reason other than to feel what it would be like to kill someone. (His own words) M.Roy is now in custody, but was it too late?

According to the Quebec Psychiatrists Association the case is a typical example of an on-going situation where questionable patients cannot be withheld unless there is an imminent danger to society.

Even if a doctor suggests a patient be retained, if the patient is alert enough, he simply signs a release form, refusing treatment, which allows him or her to be released without conditions. The law is more in favour of allowing someone to be free and look after themselves, than to be held against their will. The director of the Federation for families and friends of the mentally ill, Mme Hélène Fradet, finds it deplorable that the law requires a patient to be an imminent danger before they can be restricted from joining society.

In the last few weeks there have been several cases of the same sort, where people have been killed by deranged individuals for no apparent reason, raising the question again of just how sick does someone have to be, before they are considered a menace to society.

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