Another cyber-predator bites the dust

Another cyber-predator bites the dust

Notre-Dame-des-Pins (Quebec) 5 December 2014 – Another cyber-predator has been arrested by Quebec City police.

The culprit this time is an 18 year old male teenager who was passing himself off as a girl in order to get young boys the age of 14 & 15 to respond to his requests. The reason it is the Quebec City police who made the arrest in the Beauce region is because the complaints and some of the victims are from the Quebec City jurisdiction.

The young lad would find his victims pretending to be a girl and would then ask them to reveal themselves on line so he could capture the photos and videos for his own pleasure. He was found by certain members of his victims who eventually realized what was going on and denounced the origins of the computer connections to the police.

The predator started his exploits when he was only 17 which is very young, according to police, for this type of presumed pedophile.

The young boy in question was also using extortion measures towards his victims. He would demand more explicit photos and if they weren’t supplied he would threaten to publish the photos he already had onto the web for the whole world to see.

At the time of the arrest police seized all the computers and files connected to the case. The unidentified suspect is accused of possessing pornography, extortion, harassment, and making threats. He will appear in court today Friday December 5th.

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