Another Quebec singer stopped for a DUI – this time it’s Marjo

Another Quebec singer stopped for a DUI – this time it’s Marjo

Laval (Quebec) 29 December 2014 – Another Quebec singing artist has been stopped by police, not only for a DUI but, also for a hit and run accident that happened on Christmas Day on Decarie Blvd. in Montreal.

The artist known as Marjo (Marjolène Morin) apparently hit another car on Decarie blvd. then continued driving until she reached Laval, north of the city before being pulled over by police.

She was taken to the nearest police station where she underwent a breathalyser test, which she failed. She now has to face charges of driving while under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

Fortunately no one in the accident suffered any injuries, it was more of a fender bender than anything else but, would have normally required the two vehicles to stop and make a damage report.

Marjo, 61, received a citation to appear in court on a later date.

Last November in Quebec City Claude Dubois, another Quebec singer, was arrested for a DUI on ch. Ste-Foy with an alcohol level twice the allowed limit of .08.

M. Dubois had also been arrested and did some jail time for drug use back in the late ‘90’s.

Quebec has been debating recently if the maximum limit for drunk driving should be reduced to .05 as has been done in some other provinces.

Some legislation may also be in the works to test drivers who have been using illegal drugs while driving.

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