Another soldier victim of a suicide

Another soldier victim of a suicide

Monday, March 17 another Canadian soldier was found dead at his home in St Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, close to the Valcartier Military Base. The base itself was in total shock with the news of yet one more soldier who couldn’t take the stress of PTSD.

Corporal Alain Lacasse, 44 years old, had served in Bosnia in 2002 and in Afghanistan in 2007-2008 and was the father of two young children. His death brings to 6, the number of suicides in the Canadian Military since the beginning of December, an alarming rate which has caused other staff members to call out for help. Two of the victims were in Valcartier, including Corporal Sylvain Lelièvre  who was found earlier in December, the others being in neighbouring provinces.

One soldier in Valcartier put out a special video on his daily blog to show his utter disgust concerning the situation. A soldier himself, M. Perrault pleaded with his fellow military personnel to get help from somebody or somewhere, whenever they feel the need to talk to someone or when their anxiety or depression becomes unbearable.

M. Perrault explained that there are resources available within the military and that even talking to a friend can help. He even displayed his own phone no. telling his co-workers that if worse comes to worse to call him personally if it could help.

Suicides in the Military have become a major issue in recent months because of the substantial increase in numbers since the postings in Afghanistan. Canada pulled out all its military staff from Afghanistan this week which hopefully should help the problem, but everyone is being very cautious and all those who have comeback are urged to seek help if their depression starts to take over their lives.

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