Another victim of Ivory Coast “Fraud”

Another victim of Ivory Coast “Fraud”

Three people in the Quebec City area fell victims to an online dating service known as “Badoo” and are now facing charges of embezzlement and theft.

Having been caught up in a scheme to collect money for an organization in the Ivory Coast a local resident started sending money to an unknown pursuant who appeared to be in need of money and was supposedly, emphatically in love with her. Her naivety got the best of her and she ended up sending $14,000.00 to a complete stranger with no proof of identity or whereabouts.

To make matters worse she managed to get her family involved and even had a nephew, purge money from his school’s banking department in the amount of $75,000.00.

When the school questioned where the money had gone the whole thing came to a head, and an investigation was started. The whole story and consequences took four months to be resolved and the three people in question will serve a year to 18 months jail time and a minor was sentenced to 100 days of community service.

It’s the old “Love is blind” experience that once again got someone involved in a fictitious love story that was going nowhere, but where infatuation was so powerful that the people involved were overwhelmed by their innocence and got burned over and over again.
Another lesson in the perils of online dating sites; Lovers beware!
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