Anti-Smoking Lobby Group Calling for Review of Tobacco Law

Anti-Smoking Lobby Group Calling for Review of Tobacco Law

Quebec City (Quebec) 11 November 2014 – A group of activists known as the Coalition pour le contrôle du Tabac (Anti-Tobacco Coalition) want some changes to Québec’s tobacco law, and they want them soon. The reason for their sudden demand is because Ontario just ratified their anti-tobacco law by forbidding smoking at any outside café-terrasse, children’s play park and any outside public sporting event. Most non-smokers know that second-hand smoke tends to drift around, depending on the wind, even outside in most public places, making it very difficult to avoid breathing in some of the unwanted by-product.

The Québec coalition has been demanding the same changes to their law for years now, but it appears the demand is falling on deaf ears. With the changes in Ontario, which took effect November 7, the group is once again pushing the government to update its somewhat conservative law.

The group is upset at Québec’s lack of interest in making any changes. The law in question, when introduced, was supposed to be reviewed every five years and it has now been nine years since any changes have been made. Ontario and the rest of Canada have also made it illegal to smoke in a vehicle when there is a child aboard, which makes Québec the only province where you can still do that, although most parents seem to restrain voluntarily. Ontario has recently banned the sale of tobacco products on any post secondary education campus as well, which again puts Québec far behind.

The Québec coalition wants the government to bring the law to the forefront and give it some needed attention as it appears to be somewhat neglected.

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