“Anyone for curling?” asked Venus Williams

“Anyone for curling?” asked Venus Williams
Venus Williams playing tennis at the 2012 Western and Southern Open.  Photo credit: Ken Maynard

Venus Williams playing tennis at the 2012 Western and Southern Open.
Photo credit: Ken Maynard

Quebec City (Quebec) September 12, 2014 – Quebec City is blessed with the presence of Venus Williams these days as she is here to play tennis for the National Bank Cup series which is taking place this weekend at PEPS – Université Laval’s sports centre.

Ms. Williams has never played curling, and the opportunity arose during a day off, before the big tournament, to allow her to try her hand at the game of stones and brooms.

The Jacques-Cartier curling club, under the direction of Jacques Gaudreault, arranged a special lesson for Venus under the coaching of Anna Ritcey, who is the head instructor for the elite club.

Venus said she was nervous and was afraid because of her height that she might lose her balance and not be able to slide her stone down to the opposite end of the rink. Of course, after a few tries, she was almost as good at curling as she is at tennis.

Ms Ritcey kept her cool, even though her new student was one of the most famous women in the world, and helped Venus to slide her stone to the right place and to show her how to sweep. She said Ms. Williams was a natural and that it didn’t take long for her to grasp the style and correct movements to get the stone on the bulls-eye.

Since Ms Williams is used to holding a racket, she laughingly explained to her instructor, that she would probably be better on the brooms than on the stones.

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