Arbre en Arbre to be Built in Chauveau Park

Arbre en Arbre to be Built in Chauveau Park

A tree adventure – similar to Arbre-en-Arbre – will be built in the Chauveau park and open to residents and visitors next summer.

The Quebec City Executive Committee, recently authorized the approximately $570,000 needed for the installation of the trail.

The project was born in the Rivières sector, where officials wondered how to promote this great yet unknown Chauveau Park, the largest park in the city boasting 120 hectares.

The idea immediately pleased Vanier Councillor Richard Côté, himself an enthusiastic Arbre-en-Arbre fan.

The trail will be located in the southwest portion of Chauveau Park . The start will be near the soccer stadium, which will also be used as the reception.

Nonprofit Corporation

The Arbre-en-Arbre adventure will be operated by a nonprofit corporation from the Rivières sector.

Revenue generated from entrance fees will go to the city, and a small percentage to the society.

After putting on their harnesses, adults and children can go through the slated 70 or so games.

Richard Dream has already installed a zip line at the top of the cliff that allows participants to cross the Saint-Charles River in the air.

According to the municipal councillor, this new activity offered by Quebec City will not compete with other Arbre-en-Arbre sites such as Duchesnay and Relay Lac-Beauport.

The tender for the obstacle course will be put out in a few weeks and work should be completed in spring.
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