Are non-French speaking students being neglected?

Are non-French speaking students being neglected?

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 December 2014 – There appears to be a problem arising with the students that arrive in Quebec City and surrounding regions from other countries whose language is other than French.

Students coming to the area from anywhere in the world, are for the most part, simply integrated into the normal school system without any kind of orientation or coaching to help them adapt to the French language. The students affected do have special French classes during the day to help them learn the language but, according to most teachers it is not enough and when the children arrive in the normal classes, because they cannot speak French, they have no idea what is going on in class.

There are certain schools that have what are referred to as welcoming classes (classes d’accueil) where the immigrant student can have intense French lessons and basically get prepared to attend regular classes after a certain level of comprehension is met. The number of students who enjoy those special welcoming classes however are small in number, and represent only 3% of all the non-native children who are presently enrolled in the regions school systems.

Of 2,221 non-French speaking immigrant students, only 76 are enrolled in special welcoming classes, the other 2,145 were and are, all attending normal classes where French is the only spoken language.

The complaint from the Syndicat des enseignants de la région de Québec (SERQ) is simple. “These poor children are dumped into a classroom where they can’t speak the language and are not accustomed to local habits making it very difficult for them to follow and to succeed.”

The SERQ would like to see more students have a chance to attend those orientation classes which could better prepare them to integrate more easily into the regular system.

They agree that integration is inevitable and preferable but, that perhaps the children involved would stand a better chance of integrating if they were given a helping hand to learn a somewhat complicated language from the start, rather than be in a ‘sink or swim’ situation.
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