Arrested for making death threats towards Muslims

Arrested for making death threats towards Muslims

L’Islet (Quebec) 29 October 2014 – A young man from L’Islet, Jean Philippe Normand 18, was arrested Friday of last week for making death threats on the internet towards the muslim community.

L’Islet is a small town about an hour east of Quebec City.

Police believe the threats were made following the tragic events of last week (killings of Canadian armed forces members Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent) which appear to have been executed by sympathisers of the Islamic State.

M. Normand appeared in the Montmagny court house on Tuesday to face his charges and will reappear Thursday for his hearing as to whether or not he will be released or serve time.

In the meantime he is being held behind bars.

The QPP (Sûreté du Québec) would like to remind people that any death threat made on the Internet is considered a crime in Canada and the perpetrator merits being arrested and accused of criminal activity.

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