Artbeat Spring Fling Festival shines light on local talent

Artbeat Spring Fling Festival shines light on local talent

Québec City’s emerging theatrical and musical talents will get their chance to shine, and to share the stage with visiting performers, when the lights go up on the 2013 Artbeat Spring Fling Festival, June 13-15.

A combination of theatre, stand-up comedy and music, the festival is the brainchild of producer J.P. Chartier, founder of the Artbeat Theatre Group.

‘At least 50 percent of the performers making up this year’s festival are from Québec City, but it’s also going to be an opportunity to see some exciting artists from other cities,’ said Chartier, who produced a similar festival in Québec City in 2005 before moving to Ottawa.
As he now divides his time between both capitals, Chartier felt the time was right to bring a lively, English-language festival back to a Québec City stage.

‘The reason we’re doing this again is because of the success we had in 2005. We had a full list of artists and full houses,’ he said.
The formula for this year’s Artbeat Spring Fling is no different from the past: a set schedule, but with an anything-goes approach to entertainment. The lineup runs the gamut from one-man monologues and stand-up routines to musical performances to the premiere of two of Chartier’s own full-length works.

The three-day, four-show festival takes to the stage at Le Centre culture et environnement Frédéric Back, 870, avenue de Salaberry, June 13-15, 2013. Tickets are $10 until May 31, and $12 as of June 1 and at the door.

To reserve, visit, call J.P. Chartier at 418.210.0077, or email

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