Assault with baseball bats and chainsaw

Assault with baseball bats and chainsaw

St. Romuald (Quebec) 19 November 2014 – The Quebec courthouse is hearing a case this week about an assault a boss made on three of his employees late in September involving baseball bats, knives and even a chain saw.

The owner of the company Arbre Expert, Alain Garneau got extremely upset when three of his employees decided to quit and go work for another tree trimming company. The three employees went to visit a competitor to seek employment and when Garneau found out about it he approached the three men in a rage where punches started flying and where Garneau eventually took out a knife and started slashing it around, injuring one of the young employees. The three employees had problems being paid by Garneau so wanted to work somewhere else.

Once the knife came out one of the young men went to his vehicle and grabbed a baseball bat and proceeded to run after M. Garneau, bat in hand.

At this point another employee got out one of the chainsaws in their vehicle, started it up and waved it around trying to basically calm everyone down.

The three employees then got in their car and attempted to leave the scene.

Their vehicle somehow ran up against M. Garneau causing them to have to re-maneuvre their SUV when suddenly M.Garneau gave chase with a baseball bat he had in his car.

He managed to smash the windshield of the three victim’s vehicle and make several dents in the SUV at the same time.

M. Garneau is facing 9 charges of assault, including attempted murder, assault with a weapon causing bodily harm, and some other assault charges.

The case will be heard throughout the week.

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