Attacked by a screwdriver; the case gets screwed up

Attacked by a screwdriver; the case gets screwed up

The Crown withdrew the charges of assault and assault with a weapon that had been laid on a taxi driver in Quebec City.

It all went down last March when two taxi drivers got into a fight about a fare which one of them had apparently stolen from the other. The two men started arguing on Grande Allée in front of the Concorde Hotel and then relocated to a more secluded place down by the old Manège Militaire, where their dispute became more brutal. Punches started to fly and one of the drivers, Mr. Driss Diwane, allegedly pulled out a screwdriver in an attempt to stab his opponent.

The opponent is pressing charges against Mr. Diwane, 46, accusing him of assault with a weapon with intent to injure.

The case came down to a verbal exchange of who said what and who was right, or who was wrong. It was driver against driver without any witnesses to prove anything. As it turned out however, there was a witness in the form of a video camera installed on a nearby building where the incident took place that recorded the whole scene.

Mr. Diwane had indeed drawn his screwdriver, but only held it as a defence weapon as he was worried for his own safety. It was the aggressor who almost ended up facing charges for brutality as the case progressed. The judge finally dropped all charges for lack of proof or evidence and both parties involved were free to go.
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