Attempted Murder in Lévis

Attempted Murder in Lévis


Twenty year old Alexandre Dubreuil, who has been accused for the attempted murder of his forty-five year old father-in-law, will undergo a psychological examination.

His lawyer, Julien Bolduc, made the request to the palais de justice in Québec last week.

A new charge of assault against a minor was laid on Wednesday.

The young man will re-appear in court on March 27th for the results of the psychological exam.

The allegations against Dubreuil were made on March 1st at his girlfriend’s family apartment in Lévis.

During a loud argument between the young accused and his father-in-law, at around 10pm, the alleged assailant stabbed the man several times in the abdomen with a knife.

Then he took off in a car, before being stopped by the Sûreté de Lévis a few blocks from the scene of the crime.

His father-in-law was quickly taken to the hospital to treat his serious injuries and has recovered.

L’accusé n’a pas le droit d’entrer en contact avec la présumée victime et sa fille ainsi que quatre autres membres de cette famille.

The accused is forbidden to contact the alleged victim and his daughter as well as four other members of their family.

Neighbors reported that the father-in-law didn’t like that his 15 year old daughter was in a relationship with Dubreuil.
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