Attempted robbery foiled by language

Attempted robbery foiled by language

A convenience store clerk foiled a robbery Sunday night in Lévis, because she expressed herself only in Mandarin.

At 9:30pm Nov. 4th, Levis police were alerted by a panic button call at Accommodation MS Nadeau, 26 , Louis- Philippe Ruel, a local convenience store.

The scene started out as a typical corner store robbery with the clerk being asked to empty the till at gunpoint. The clerk’s inability to speak French however foiled the robbers plan and panic set in with the thief ending up running out of the store cashless and scared for his life.

The intruder only spoke French and when he asked the cashier to hand over all the money in the register the clerk, of Asian origin, couldn’t understand a word and started screaming and yelling in Mandarin at the man holding the gun. Apparently a gun barrel wasn’t enough to make the storekeeper react.

Not knowing what to do the amateur burglar ran out of the store when he heard the police sirens approaching.

Surveillance video captured the entire scene and police reacted quickly to the alarm which should help in finding the intruder who was still at large the next day. Although it was difficult to communicate with the store clerk the police did manage to get a description of the man who is approx. 5’10”, and was wearing a green hat, blue jeans with a grey and white scarf at the time of the robbery.
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