Augustinian Sisters Open Their Monastery as a Hotel

Augustinian Sisters Open Their Monastery as a Hotel

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 July 2015 – Le monastère des Augustines (the Augustinian sisters Monastery), located next to North America’s oldest hospital is opening its doors to the public as a Hotel/Museum and will be hosting guests starting August 1st. The project has been in the works for some time with money coming from all three levels of government, different private funds and from the sister’s foundation itself. The whole renovation project cost around $42 million.

The Augustines monastery started back in 1639, when three sisters came to the then New France to start caring for the Aboriginal population as well as the first settlers who were here from France. The hospital they started is still functioning and is known as the Hotel-Dieu de Québec where its new specialty is treating cancer patients.

The targeted clientele is those tourists who wish to spend a few days within the walls of one of the oldest monasteries in North America and who don’t care about all the modern gadgets that larger hotels offer. The 65 rooms are very clean, basic facilities with the emphasis on spiritual and physical well being including a special health menu at its integrated restaurant.

The CEO of the new Hotel, Evan Price, has an enormous experience in restoring and running historic buildings as hotels, as he part owner of the Auberge St. Antoine which is built on one of Québec City’s oldest rock foundations in the Place Royale section of the old city.

The Hotel has been invited to join the Healing Hotels of the World Organisation, even before it opens, which is rare. Reservations are already overwhelming and can be done online at the Monastery’s website,

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