Aurian Haller Band House of Words Quebec Launch

Aurian Haller Band House of Words Quebec Launch

Main pic: The Aurian Haller Band launch their third album ‘House of Words’ at the Ninkasi du Faubourg in Quebec City – Tue 2 June 2015 (l-r Barry Nameth, Maude Brochu, Monya Mathieu, Daniel Marcoux, Aurian Haller, and Paul Hinton).

The Aurian Haller Band has been together a few years now and they just keep on getting better and better.

The Ninkasi du Faubourg, a great bar on rue St-Jean in Quebec City played host to the band for the much anticipated launch of their third album ‘House of Words.’

According to Aurian Haller (lead singer/guitar) and Paul Hinton (guitar) the album took about a year to put together. Says Aurian ‘The biggest rush is the writing process, and then seeing and hearing it come into being takes it to a whole new level.’

Tonight was the first live showing of the fruits of their labour. A packed house, in front of Telejournal’s TV cameras for a live slot at 6.30pm, was treated to a fine show indeed.

This album seems more upbeat than the first two, and this is possibly due to collaborations with professional local singers Maude Brochu and Monya Mathieu.
They’ve been on the scene for years and have their own bands. And it shows.

Says Aurian ‘We often work on each other’s projects. We all have different skill sets and something to offer – singers, musicians, lyricists and such. This is the first time Maude (Brochu) and Monya (Mathieu) have worked together on something in a professional capacity. I’m really pleased we could help make that happen.’

AHB_HoW_coverThe show lasted about an hour and a half – 2 sets with a short break in between for the live news piece to camera. Aurian Haller was interviewed by Téléjournal de Québec’s Valérie Cloutier.

The Aurian Haller Band with Maude Brochu and Monya Mathieu are a tight group and thrive off each other.

Katherine Bleeker ‘Aurian is such an amazing artist. We are very fortunate to have this BC gem in Quebec City”.

Phil Joycey ‘You can really get into their shows. They warm us up as they go along. Awesome!’

Martin Trager ‘Paul Hinton shines as always. What a talent.’

On tonight’s showing, the Quebec music industry is in expert hands.

House of Words contains 13 new tracks (one of which is a poetry offering).

Wolf at the Door, House of Words, And Still, Les Orphelins, Sister Moon, Do Me a Favour, La Première, River Flow, If Only, Window in a Mirror, Storm Chaser, Façonne Abandonne, and Tripwire.

House of Words, and The Aurian Haller Band’s other albums are available where all good music is sold.

The Aurian Haller Band – l/r Paul Hinton (guitar), Barry Nameth (drums), Aurian Haller (lead singer), and Daniel Marcoux (cello). Photo credit: The Aurian Haller Band.

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