Author Event – The Meaning of Children

Author Event – The Meaning of Children

The Meaning of Children by Beverly Akerman MSc

Place: AngloStore, Place Naviles, 3400-SS2, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec (Québec)  G1W 2L3.
Date: Wednesday December 7th, 2011.
Time: 19h15 (doors open 18h45).

Come and meet the author and listen to an informative and entertaining talk.

Beverly will also answer any questions that you may have about her work, her book and writing in general.

She will also sign copies of ‘The Meaning of Children’ if you would like to purchase one.

About the book:

These fourteen stories approach the world’s complexities through a child’s eyes, grapple with the sorrows and ecstasies of child-bearing years, and probe the truths that touch us with a child-like clarity at the end of life’s journey. A girl discovers a fear of heights as her parents’ marriage unravels; a thirty- something venture fund manager worries over his daughter’s paternity; an orphan whose hands kill whatever they touch is accused of homophobia; a mother of two can only bear to consider abortion in the second person; the wife of a retirement-aged professor finds him unconscious near his computer. The Meaning of Children speaks to all of us who – although aware the world can be a very dark place-can’t help but long for redemption.

What others are saying:

“Akerman holds up our greatest fears, not to dwell on them, but to marvel at our commitment to life, especially to passing it on to others.”
Anne Chudobiak, The Montreal Gazette

“This isn’t the invented childhood of imagination and wonderment…[here] children both corrupt and redeem: each other, family relationships and the female body.”
Katie Hewitt, The Globe & Mail

“Fluid and masterful [with]wonderful little insights throughout…a keen, incisive vision into the hidden world of children as well as intimate knowledge of the secret spaces that exist between the everyday events of life. There is knowledge here, knowledge of those important, life-defining moments…Overall, a work with a brilliant sense of story.”
JoAnne Soper-Cook, Judge, Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick’s 2010 David Adams Richards Prize

“Emotional and tightly written.”
David Bright, Gemini Magazine

“Oh, it’s lovely. I like it when my body responds to writing; right now there’s an ache in my throat.”
Susan Rendell, EarLit Shorts

“The judges liked…the resistance to the happy ending, and the idea that there is often something or someone waiting for the small mistake.”
The Writers’ Union of Canada, Short Prose Competition jury

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The Meaning of Children is published by Exile Editions, is available at AngloStore and is priced $19.95.

About the author:

After over two decades in molecular genetics research, Beverly Akerman realized she’d been learning more and more about less and less. Skittish at the prospect of knowing everything about nothing, she turned, for solace, to writing. Credits include The Hill Times, The Jewish Magazine, Maclean’s, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post, The National Review of Medicine, The Toronto Star, CBC Radio One, myriad literary and scientific journals and other publications.

Other recent honours: the Professional Writers Association of Canada’s 2011 Short Article Award, a third nomination for the Pushcart Prize, and the David Adams Richards Prize. She’s strangely pleased to believe she’s the only Canadian writer to have sequenced her own DNA.

Beverly is a life-long Anglo Montrealer and lives with her husband and children in Notre Dame de Grace.

The Meaning of Children is her first book.

This author event, brought to you by AngloStore, is free of charge.
There is a large parking lot right outside the door and this is also free.

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Place: AngloStore, Place Naviles, 3400-SS2, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Québec (Québec)  G1W 2L3.
Date: Wednesday December 7th, 2011.
Time: 19h15 (doors open 18h45).

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