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Eastern Townships of Quebec: Our Hidden History

By Colin Standish If you look closely you can see where the seigneurial system gave way to the Eastern Townships. Near the banks of the mighty Richelieu River a ‘Canadien’


OPINION: The Bastards of Bill 101

Editorials and opinion pieces represent the opinions of their authors. maintains a socially and politically neutral ground for exchange of ideas. ………………………………………………………………………….. THE BASTARDS OF BILL 101 By Colin


Preventing the merger of the Eastern Townships School Board

By Colin Standish “This was Ascot School House,” said my mother as she waved her hand towards an abandoned two-story red-brick school in a farmers’ field at the end of


Colin Standish Campaigning for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

Cookshire (Quebec) August 16, 2014 – Having returned to the Townships after completing a law degree at Laval University, Colin Standish doesn’t have the goals you’d typically associate with a


Colin Standish Running for Liberal Nomination in Compton-Stanstead

The Eastern Townships has much to offer the rest of Canada, and Quebec. Our strong sense of community, our storied history and respect for tradition, and our naturally bilingual society

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Quebec Election 2014: Reading the tea leaves

When Pauline Marois called this provincial election, it looked as though the PQ would easily capture the majority they had coveted, and steamroll over the opposition on a platform emphasizing

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Awkward Situation for the NDP in Quebec: Beware the Sherbrooke Declaration

Main photo: Rue Wellington Nord, Sherbrooke. It has been nearly three years since the Orange Wave swept Quebec in the last federal election. Fifty-nine of seventy-five seats in Quebec went to

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Tibet Tour – Colin Standish on his time in and around Lhasa

After one hour of sleep, I haul myself into a minivan at 5:30 am in Kunming, Yunnan, about two and a half hours by air from Lhasa, as my stomach

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Why we need a real referendum debate: A childs’ perspective

When talk of Quebec secession flairs up, I remember what is was like be a nine year old child in my small Eastern Townships village of Cookshire in 1995. The

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False choices: all Quebecers can agree on a framework for secession

The “National” Assembly does not have the jurisdiction to call a referendum on the sovereignty of Quebec, choose and dictate the parameters and question unilaterally, and usurp the jurisdiction of


5 Myths That Hinder Language Debates in Quebec

When I think of language in Quebec, I look no further than the former village green in my Eastern Townships hometown of Cookshire, Quebec. I walk down the sloping valley,


Hong Kong Reunion: Retracing the Battle of Hong Kong

by Colin Standish In tiny Stanley village, past the Repulse Bay Hotel, where young Canadians were bayonetted and thrown off steep cliffs, I stood in a Commonwealth military cemetery. All

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Open and inclusive society?

Main pic: Le ministre québécois responsable des Institutions démocratiques et de la Participation citoyenne, Bernard Drainville, lors d’une rencontre avec des citoyens de Québec, le 15 mai 2013. Photo credit: Afrappier

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Response: Lisée Misinterprets Jeffersonian Ideals

Main pic: Jean-François Lisée en février 2012. Photo credit: Louperivois by Colin Standish Jean-François Lisée, minister in Quebec’s separatist Parti Quebécois government, has a habit of inappropriately misinterpreting the republican ideals