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Petula Clark Vue d’ici

By Daydree Vendette Petula Clark’s concert at the Salle Albert Rousseau on May 13th was the perfect occasion for the artist to promote her new French-language album Vue d’ici. The

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Nos Incontournables at the Salle Albert-Rousseau, Quebec City

By Daydree Vendette Nos Incontournables is a feel-good show that is meant to cash-in on nostalgia. The show is based on the record of the same name and both the

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Jean Gaudreau Exhibition at the Ophélia Restaurant

By Daydree Vendette The Ophélia restaurant on Grande-Allée is architecturally stunning. It’s charm goes beyond gimmicky decoration and grounds itself in a thoughtful symbiosis of the historical and the modern.

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Review: François Bellefeuille Le plus fort au monde

By Daydree Vendette, François Bellefeuille burst onto the scene with his brand of angry-guy comedy, looking like a cross between someone going to the grocery store in their pajamas and

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Constantinople and Shashank Subramanyam at the Grand Théâtre

By Daydree Vendette The description of the show on the Grand Théâtre website gives a lot of space to the flutist Shashank Subramanyam, and paints the participation of the 4

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Bedouine’s Demanding Songs Strike Right Balance at José González Show

Review by Daydree Vendette Bedouine opened for José González. She stood left of center on a pared-down stage. Her only props on the stool beside her, a candle and glass