Axe falling on Quebec government expenses

Axe falling on Quebec government expenses

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 November 2014 – A report tabled by a Government spending revision Commission on Monday of this week announced that the Quebec Government has to reduce its expenses by $2.3 billion if it wants to equalize its budget for the coming years.

The news isn’t going over well with unions and government workers. We’ve heard a lot about cuts to services and pensions in the last few weeks concerning education, health, and municipal transfer payments but today, Wednesday, November 26 the axe has finally fallen on the government itself.

The Quebec Treasury Board just presented its new projection for the coming year and it involves cutting, right from the start, 1,150 jobs from the function publique, (Government workforce), and reducing municipal transfer payments by $1.3 billion. There will be a reduction in the number of bonuses given out of $42 million and finally, there will be a hiring freeze of government employees for at least the next year.

All this is supposed to balance the provincial budget by the end of 2016.

On top of those cuts there will be a new watchdog procedure to survey and control government spending on things like, travelling, unnecessary publicity and sponsorships, and upper level employee expense reports.

Of course the opposition parties and the unions are against all the new restrictions, blaming it all on the Liberal Government, but the belt has to be tightened, and it has fallen on the present government to react, and act, responsibly towards creating a better economical climate for the province.

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