Baby in Quebec attacked by rats

Baby in Quebec attacked by rats

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 February 2015 – It’s a story you might see at the movie theater, or hear about in some far away third world country but, it happened right here, a week ago. During the night a mother (name withheld) was awakened by her little baby crying, which was unusual, only to discover that her 2 month old baby had been bitten at least a dozen times by a rat which jumped from the crib and ran away when the lights were turned on.

We don’t have a lot of details about the incident because the family doesn’t want to have any repercussions or hassles from the media but, the attack did happen and the family has the pictures of their scarred infant to prove it. An extermination company was called in and explained that it is not any fault of the family in regards to neglect or cleanliness.

Rats infiltrate houses through drain pipes and will go wherever they smell food. It is suspected the baby may have had left over milk or food still on her cheeks that the rat would have attempted to lick or bite off.

The family had suspected they may have had mice in the house but never expected to have a visit from rats.

Rats can be very aggressive and unforgiving when they find food and they will run through pipes and underground tunnels to source their food supply from wherever they can.

There was a rat problem in a building in Charlesbourg a few years back which ended up with the building having to be torn down and all the pipes leading to it replaced by the city.

According to one extermination company, they are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of and when one is discovered, there is more than likely, a whole hoard of them living at the same place.

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