Back to School Changes Family Dynamics

Back to School Changes Family Dynamics

When September comes around, the return to class for those in school or college, considerably changes family dynamics.

The homework routine, which involves parents and children, often causes  frictions, making this task much harder than it really is. For homework with no complaints, it is not necessary to complicate things. In addition to teacher suggestions, these following tips could help you settle quicker when the time comes to knuckle down and get on with that all important homework.

Many parents still question themselves about the usefulness of homework. Why do some more when the teacher does the same thing in class? It is important to know that kids learn through repetition of a chore, reasoning, or behaviour.

Teachers combine favourable conditions for learning in a classroom, while at the same time, giving out work so students can continue their progression in another environment. Doing homework is also a way to see your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally, homework is essential because it is the main communication method between school and family and this is why it is important for parents to get involved.

Starting in the first week, a routine should be settled on and maintained. A healthy lifestyle will guide you on the road to success with your child(ren).

Begin gradually by reserving a moment where you will accompany them with their work. Follow teachers’ instructions. An elementary school student has from two to three hours of homework per week therefore; it should be easier fit this into your schedule.

Once homework-time is chosen with your child, make sure they can do an activity they enjoy before and after homework. Doing such a thing could increase concentration capacity, motivation, and they he might even take pleasure completing their tasks.

With any difficulty, you must remain calm. If you are unsure, it is better to come back to it the next day to take the time to look for support.

Never forget that this period of duties should be as pleasurable as possible. 

Get in touch with your child’s teacher.

He will share solutions and tips.

There are also support services for homework.

The most popular is “Allô Prof”, accessible by telephone and the Internet at and/or 1-888-776-4455.

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