Bacon Fest 2017 offers a taste for all

Bacon Fest 2017 offers a taste for all

Carrianne Bell tucked in for Life in Québec.

Bacon. Just the word makes most of us salivate. But what if I were to tell you that there is an entire day dedicated just to this gift from the gods? Bacon Fest 2017 was that day. With over 40 kiosques, representing food trucks and local restaurants showing off their best bacon creation, Expocite was the place to be this past Saturday.

I was lucky enough to get to sample more than my fair share of bacon creations: from bacon gelato to bacon poutine to bacon beer. Most of it was delicious but there were a few big hits, and a few huge misses.

Barbacoa, a restaurant found in Levis at the ferry boat terminal was by far the start of the festival. Their braised pork belly was the best thing I have probably ever eaten when it comes to meat. It fell apart in your mouth while keeping that ever so important meaty texture. Topped with bbq sauce, it was pure heaven.

Second place in my books, went to duBreton. Sometimes organic meat takes a bit of getting used to, as the flavour is so much more intense than supermarket meat. I can’t say how good their products were. I took part in the “choose the best BLT in Quebec” contest, and I just couldn’t choose between the goat cheese, roquette and bacon or the avocado, tomato, bacon and egg combo. Even my picky five year old enjoyed both of these sandwiches.

To round out my top picks, I have to talk about the bacon wrapped duck drumstick I had from traiteur cote a cote. I don’t even need to tell you how good it was. Close your eyes and imagine it dripping in BBQ sauce, and you’ll get a very clear picture.

You might think it would be hard to have a flop when it comes to bacon recipes. But unfortunately, there were a few, and not surprisingly they were the desserts. The chocolate cake pop dipped in chocolate and bacon from monsieur Cupcake was raw, and although the Churros from Chumrros were delicous, the bacon sugar on top was not. In fact, I was disapointed in all of the desserts, which surprised me, because it’s usually my favourite thing to eat!

As for the drinks to wash it all down with? Bloody bacon cesars and bacon beer from L’Innox topped my choices. The bacon infused vodka didn’t make it past the tasting stage for me. I may be a purist, but you just don’t mess with vodka.

Although everything I sampled was well prepared and portioned, some of my friends who also attended the festival had quite a few complaints. Many had bought Tuango deals. The deals stated that they would be getting  $70 worth of food for $19, but once inside, were given samples that might have been worth $5. Many of them felt that they were ripped off by this deal.

Let’s face it, bacon is a rich food. You can’t eat too much of it without going into overload. One of the problems with the festival was that some of the kiosques were selling full sized portions for $10-$15. Although, some had smaller sizes for $2-$5, add the cost of admission, plus your samples, it got very expensive very fast. I was expecting more to be free than it was.

All in all, I came back with a full tummy and two happy kids looking beautiful in their pig noses. I’m not sure that my body can handle another round next year, but if you love bacon, you need to check this out at least once in your life!



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