Bailout of $500,000 for Québec Carnaval

Bailout of $500,000 for Québec Carnaval

Quebec City (Quebec) 8 July 2015 – With the poor economical results ending up in a deficit of $619,000 from this year’s Carnaval de Québec, the city and the province have just injected $500,000 into the operations for next year which will help pay the employees and cover the unexpected deficit.

Not only has the Carnaval received some much needed money, the 12 member advisory committee has also been restructured with 7 new faces with only five of the original 12 being retained.

Mayor Labeaume considers the 2 week winter event as a landmark event for the city and wants to bolster its once world renowned reputation, which has been losing sponsors and participation over the last few years. The mayor would like to see more companies getting involved with the financing to bring in some private money.

There was even talk of cancelling the event for 2016 in order to rethink the whole process and maybe make some major changes; an idea which Mayor Labeaume flatly refused.

The new advisory committee has one politician upset however, on who the city chose to replace the 7 members who were relieved of their duties. Agnes Maltais, a long time member of the National Assembly in Quebec City is upset over the decision to add seven male members to the committee stating that “apparently only men can decide how to run a carnival.” The committee has only two remaining female members left.

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