Baseball: Japanese Team to Confront Les Capitales

Baseball: Japanese Team to Confront Les Capitales

Quebec City (Quebec) January 17, 2015 – An all-star selection of the Shikoku Island League, based out of Japan, will be pitting itself against Les Capitales for a two-night series of baseball exhibition matches this summer.

Composed of Japanese players whose careers are both up-and-coming or winding down on the Japanese baseball circuit, the Shikoku Island League is based out of the islands of Shikoku, in southern Japan.  Japan has two professional baseball leagues (the Central and Pacific baseball leagues), but neither league has a team in the Shikoku region, making the Shikoku Island League the highest level of the sport in that region, even though the league is an amateur division like the Capitales’ league Can-Am.

The matches will be held outside Can-Am’s regular season but are sure to draw crowds.  The exhibition matches are scheduled for June 25th and June 26th.

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