Battle brewing between ‘Bloc’ and NDP in Quebec

Battle brewing between ‘Bloc’ and NDP in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 July 2015 – With the announcement of a Federal Election in October the battle-ground for Quebec is underway and things are heating up between the Bloc Québécois (BQ), a federal nationalist party who have never been in power in Ottawa and the New Democratic Party (NDP), a socialist oriented party who has also never been in power in Ottawa.

As things stand right now the NDP and (leader) Mr Mulcair have a significant advance in the province which prompted the leader of the BQ, Gilles Duceppe, in a recent interview with Le Soleil, to conclude that it was futile to vote for the NDP because Thomas Mulcair would never become Prime Minister due to a lack of support from the rest of Canada.

In reply to Mr Duceppe’s comments, the NDP deputy for Louis-Saint Laurent, Daniel Caron stated that Mr Mulcair had strong support from the rest of Canada and that the accusations from Mr Duceppe, stating he did not, were completely false.

Mr Caron reiterated that Canadians are ready for a new breed of politics in Ottawa and that Mr Mulcair is the man to lead the country to that change. He also stated that Mr Duceppe should concentrate more on defeating the present government instead of attacking his party.

Mr Mulcair is also about to release an autobiography about his life and his vision for Canada, the timing of which is perfect under the circumstances, which Mr Caron says will push Mulcair’s popularity over the top.

Mr Duceppe says that his party is the only party that will stand up for Quebecers in Ottawa and that the NDP is simply another Federal party like the Liberals or the Conservatives.

Mr Duceppe left politics after his party was decimated in the last Federal election, only to comeback recently as the party leader to try and rebuild the party and squash the overwhelming support for the NDP in the province.

Let’s see how this one pans out. After all, we have months of this still to go.

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