B&B Aux Berges De Berthier in Berthier-sur-Mer

B&B Aux Berges De Berthier in Berthier-sur-Mer

One of our readers, Guylène Plante, has sent in some details regarding her B&B.
This may be of interest to someone you know:

Aux Berges De Berthier is an unpretentious home built around the turn of the century, in 1875. The 43000 square foot property is alongside the St Lawrence and offers tremendous views of  Mont Ste Anne and the islands of the Iles-Aux-Grues Archipelago. It is possible to swim, sail, boat and fish in the St Lawrence. Walking along the riverside, watching the birds or just listening to the crashing waves is very therapeutic.

We originally bought this home, thinking it would allow for large family gatherings. Once we moved in we realised we had room to spare and I decided  to share the spectacular views with passing tourists. An old dream of opening a B&B was coming true, and now that the kids are grown up the timing was perfect. 

Being a friendly person and a mom at heart, running the B&B comes naturally to me. I love meeting new people and hearing about the different regions they come from. I look forward to a wonderful summer, filled with new encounters. Hopefully, you’ll stop by to enjoy the riverside, the sunset, peaceful night(s), delicious breakfast and good company.

Aux Berges De Berthier

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