Be patient, patients, more doctors are coming

Be patient, patients, more doctors are coming

That’s the news coming out of Health Minister Gaétan Barrette’s office.

Since Gaétan Barrette has been the Minister of health and social services for the province, he has taken a lot of verbal abuse for his budget cutting and money saving tactics concerning the health system.

He has even been attacked personally with remarks about his own weight and appearance.

This week however things are going a bit better for the minister because of news which was announced on Thursday of last week. The ministry claims there will be a “net” gain of 200 new doctors within the next year in the province.

In total there would be 343 new physicians graduating but, taking into consideration the number of doctors who will be retiring, the number will be around 200 new possibilities for those people who do not have a family doctor, to finally get one.

The minister stated in his address in Montreal that since 2011, 1,000 specialists have been added to the health system plus another 1,597 family doctors which was all part of a plan instigated in 2011.

Most of the new recruits will be settling in and around the Montreal area with a good portion going to the Gatineau districts which are in dire need for more health personnel and clinics.

It’s all good news, which should have repercussions for everyone living in Quebec.

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