Beach Volleyball in Quebec, Anyone?

Beach Volleyball in Quebec, Anyone?

Quebec City (Quebec) August 5, 2014 – Quebec City would like to have an International Volleyball competition on the beaches of Baie de Beauport. The company known as Gestev, run by Patrice Drouin, is in the process of consulting with Volleyball Canada and other international participants to hold a Volleyball Open Championship which would become part of the professional volleyball circuit. Quebec

City has held sporadic events in the past but has never had a permanent installation to repeat the competition on a regular basis.

Gestev is hoping to gather enough interest to exploit the franchise and get the financial backing from the private and public sectors as soon as possible. International Beach Volleyball has become a truly popular spectator sport with television and media interest at an all time high.

Mr. Drakich, from Volleyball Canada, who is also a technical advisor for the International Federation has visited Baie de Beauport and sees lots of potential for a permanent site, stating that a permanent installation would also allow for local clubs, schools and competitors to practice and for the city to hold national competitions hinting that it would be money well spent. The present buildings on the site already have enough room to accommodate the media and competitors if and when any professional event takes place, keeping costs to a minimum. The only thing missing are some spectator stands for public viewing during the competitions.

The project and planning are being carried out behind closed doors right now but, once everyone is on board, the program will be presented to the Port of Quebec, who owns the land, and to the National Volleyball Federation as well as the International Federation.

Watch this space for further developments.

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    jobp 5 August, 2014, 17:30

    I was avoiding using such a risky photo but it certainly represents beach volleyball and quite eye catching too. LifeinQuebec is getting raunchy.

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