Becoming a Time Investor

Becoming a Time Investor

By Martin Lalancette

You know how the business investors are making money; they invest in high quality and value producing companies. The investor mindset is important because it helps us think about how we are spending our time and how we can use this mindset to add happiness and fun to our life.

The appreciation of activities that we like to do was not created equal. It’s like your favourite kind of ice cream, personally I’m a dark chocolate fan, eating another flavour will not give me the same satisfaction. So depending on your personality type, your strengths and a lot of other things, we find some activities more pleasurable than others. We all have high value activities that uplift our spirit. One example for me is a nice walk in the woods, even when it’s fifteen minutes; my batteries are recharged and ready to go.

Clock_Wind_Up_VersionThink about how much time you are spending on low return or low fun activities. Sometimes you are just passing time instead of recharging and having fun. That’s why becoming a time investor is a good way to build your life. Seeking activities that will be of high value for you in the time that you have will change your life from the inside out.

One of my clients here in Quebec City started doing this for his life, choosing high value producing activities instead of going with the flow and with the urgency of the situation. What happened was interesting, he started to relax and be more productive because he stopped feeling drained all the time by his job, his family and his obligations. He started by going back to old hobbies he had during high school reading about nature and the outdoors. He planned a trip with his kids to go fishing (something he loved to do but did not make the time for it because…name any excuses), they made an afternoon of it and family time was suddenly his time to (not just running around to the kids piano lesson or to the hockey rink).

Becoming a time investor you have to look at you life and seek the activities that have an internal positive reference and invest in those activities.

You will see that when you feel good, the rest is way more easy and the dreaded other draining activities will be done in no time (especially when you have something else to do that is super fun).

On this note, I have to go and take a walk along the St-Lawrence River.

Come and join me, but only if you have the time 🙂

About the author:

Martin_LalancetteMartin Lalancette – Career and Lifestyle consultant (Eureka career) you can find Martin on his bike in the summer, on skis in the winter and playing guitar, writing a movie (or playing in one) and appreciating good food with his friends the rest of the time. Peak performances in sports, arts and business are a passion that he loves to share with anybody that has five minutes to listen. Travelling around the world is also a hobby, to discover a new city or simply lounging on the beach for a week.

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