Beer Choices Limited at New Québec Amphithéâtre

Beer Choices Limited at New Québec Amphithéâtre

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 May 2015 – Now that the new amphitheatre has a name and a certain number of shows lined up for the coming season the business end of things is getting underway. Things like who gets what contract for supplies, restaurants, upkeep and so on are being bid on by all sorts of companies, but it appears as if the company who will be supplying the beer has already been decided upon, and that company will be Labatt. They will not only be the unique supplier but will also have absolute exclusivity.

Some local breweries would have liked to have had a chance to sell their beers at the new venue but an agreement reached upon between Videotron and Labatt has given the sole responsibility to Labatt.

Labatt sells 60 different brands of beer but the new arena patrons won’t have that many choices. According to Jean Gagnon, Labatt’s representative in Québec, with Budweiser, Stella Artois, an IPA and an amber, the company can satisfy 90% of its clients. Labatt already had the beer contract at the old Colisée Pepsi and has a monopoly on the beer sold at Remparts games.

Labatt was started by an Irish Canadian by the name of John Kinder Labatt back in 1847, but has since been sold to the giant brewing company Anheuser-Busch Inbev based partly in Belgium and partly in Brazil. So if you’re looking for a “cold one” during a show or a hockey game all you have to do is order up a “Bud” which makes things quite simple for everyone.

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