Beer sells better than sushi in some areas of Quebec

Beer sells better than sushi in some areas of Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 April 2015 – The sushi shop on Parvis Street in downtown Quebec City closed its door last December for lack of clients and it appears like the empty space is going to reopen as a micro-brewery.
Nothing is confirmed yet but, obviously the sushi store wasn’t working. The restaurant was owned by the YUZU chain of sushi restaurants.

It is rumoured that the new owner is an employee of another micro-brewery which is in the same district. The area already has three other micro-brasseurs in the name of La Voie Maltée, La Barbarie and La Korrigane.

The woman responsible for the economic development of the St. Roch district, Catherine Raymond, is always happy to see new businesses set up in the area but, doesn’t want to see an overload of the same type of restaurant taking over the downtown. The owner of the Korrigane, Catherine Foster, is not worried about a new competitor arriving on her doorstep but, is also cautious about having too many of the same type of outlets which spreads out the clientele.

Mme Raymond claims there have been 26 new business start-ups in the downtown area since last December, which is good for a section of the city that finds it difficult to retain its commerce for long periods of time.

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